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People all across the world are expected to adhere to an extensive list of things to do so as to avoid getting infected by the novel coronavirus and to prevent any further transmission of it. After all, prevention is better than cure. Yet how important are disinfectants in eradicating the virus from our homes and workplaces?


Singapore case study on disinfectants

A research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) references a study in Singapore (4 March 2020) which revealed that patients that were infected contaminate their bedrooms and bathrooms substantially.

This highlights the necessity of the constant cleaning of surfaces with high levels of contact, which include basins and toilet bowls. The virus was killed by the cleaning of surfaces twice a day and daily cleaning of floors with a typical disinfectant.

The study in Singapore looked at the cases of three patients in isolation rooms between late January and early February. Samples were collected from their rooms on five days over a two-week period.

The room of one patient was sampled before its scheduled cleaning, while the rooms of the other two patients were sampled after disinfection procedures.

The patient whose room had samples taken before cleaning had the mildest symptoms of all, suffering from a cough. The other two patients had moderate symptoms: both had coughing and fever, one had shortness of breath and the other was coughing out lung mucus.

Despite the large variance in symptoms, the patient whose room was sampled before cleaning had contaminated 13 of 15 sites – which include their chair, bedrail, the glass window, the floor and the light switches.

Additionally, three of five toilet sites were contaminated, including the sink, door handle and toilet bowl.

Apart from catching the infection through coughing, scientists believe that environmental contamination was an important area in the transmission of COVID-19.

The study validates the importance of disinfecting common areas that multiple people come into contact with daily. With the increasing number of people working from home, hygiene is a prime concern.


What is there on the market now?

Common household disinfectants kill bacteria in 30 seconds and more resistant viruses from up to five minutes. It usually only has a kill rate of 99.99%. The limitation of these disinfectants is that they are ineffective when surfaces are dirty. Surfaces have to be cleaned before they can be used.

Furthermore, commonly used disinfectants contain alcohol which upon prolonged usage will damage surface material and are not recommended for the skin.


Why Clinell?

Efficacy rate

Clinell Universal Wipes has a 99.999% kill rate, 10 to 100 times stronger than your average disinfectant. It also boasts of its ability to kill the Coronavirus in one minute & an extensive list of bacteria in a fraction of the time, in just 10 seconds. More resilient viruses are wiped out in under 2 minutes.

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Clinell Universal Wipes are alcohol-free, and pH neutral. The product is dermatologically tested and is skin-friendly.

Fret not about skin irritation with the prolonged usage of Clinell Universal Wipes. There is no need to wear gloves while using the wipes.

Zero damages on surfaces

Clinell Universal Wipes do not damage any type of surface and can be used directly on dirty surfaces. You do not have to clean surfaces before disinfecting with Clinell. Just one wipe will do the trick!

Ultimately, keeping high touch surfaces free of contaminants is of utmost importance. The research shows that current disinfection measures are sufficient as long as people continue to adhere to them. In the meantime, let us all do our part to disinfect our homes and workplaces, while washing our hands regularly.

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Written By: Samuel Yeung
Sources: CNA

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