4 Reasons to choose Famica over standard toilet grab bars

People like the elderly, injured, disabled and pregnant need extra help when it comes to using the toilet. Conventional toilet safety grab bars can get the job done, but they are bulky, invasive and immobile. Therefore, Famica might be more suitable for you.

Imagine this, you have fallen, fractured your leg and the doctor says you need to spend the next three months of your life in a cast. Aside from the pain, getting about is hard, and so is using the toilet. The toilet is wet, squeezy and dangerous. One wrong move is all it takes to land yourself another three-month MC. Is that something you want to risk?

Anyways, you need to visit the toilet multiple times a day and you probably want to avoid suffering another tragic fall. You need a short-term solution, something to give you greater support in the toilet. You could ask your parents or spouse to assist you, but it could be awkward because people need their privacy. You might have seen grab bars in public handicapped toilets for assisting people. They could work for you, but conventional grab bars…

  • Are bulky and invasive
    • Requires drilling which damages the walls
    • Not suitable if your toilet is small
  • Require professional contractors to set up properly
    • An inexperienced handyman could pose safety risks if grab bars are not properly installed
  • Are permanent fixtures
    • Not suitable if it is intended for short term use i.e. an injury
  • Are non-adjustable
    • Limited or no ways to adjust after installation
  • Lack support
    • Normal grab bars are usually imbalanced as they are mounted on only one side of the toilet bowl. This design might not be adequate for weaker users like the elderly



  1. Non-intrusive
    • Does not require drilling. It will not leave ugly holes in your wall when disassembled!
  2. Easily assembled and disassembled
      • Fitted to most WC
      • Can be easily fitted by yourself. You do not need to rely on a handyman
      • No extra tools needed
      • Portable and convenient
      • Suitable for both short and long term usage

  3. Adjustable
      • Handles and height can be highly customised to suit the user and accommodate the WC which makes it more comfortable to use

  4. Sturdy
      • Can support up to 150kg in weight
      • Armrests on both sides provides better support and balance, perfect for the elderly who may not have good upper-body strength

Famica provides the flexibility and convenience that normal grab bars cannot offer in the household setting. It does not require a professional handymen nor tools to set up. It does not require drilling which could leave ugly holes in your walls upon disassembly. It adjusts easily to suit the comfort of the immediate user, and lastly, Famica is safer as it provides increased support and balance for its user.

Secure a greater peace of mind today. If you would like to purchase Famica, you can do so here.


Written By: Charlene Ho

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