Are your average disinfectants enough?

Better knowledge to better protect yourself against the Coronavirus

In this crisis, sanitisers, wipes & sprays become essentials for households and businesses. Recently, CNA released an article stating how disinfectants are effective against the Coronavirus. However, are average cleaning products are enough to protect yourself & your loved ones against the Coronavirus? Here, we will talk about the key features which makes our wipes & disinfectants superior than the average ones in the market.



Log kill count

Most products on the market have a 3/4 log kill count (99.9%/ 99.99%) but Clinell Universal Wipes have demonstrated a 5 log kill count (99.999%) for most pathogens in the contact time specified. This translates to Clinell Universal Wipes being 10-100 times more effective than other products on the market. A fast contact time would count for nothing if it allowed the majority of the microorganisms to remain active.



Proven Effective Against Coronavirus

Average disinfectants and sprays only kill bacteria and certain viruses. However, Clinell Wipes are have proven efficacy against MRSA, VRE, Norovirus and many more. For proof of evidence, do refer to the link below.


Disinfecting and Cleaning Agent

Dirt creates a barrier between a surface and the disinfectant on the wipe therefore prevents the surface from being disinfected. Clinell Universal Wipes are designed to remove both dirt and disinfect at the same time meaning detergent and disinfectant wipes no longer need to be bought as two separate products. Skin-Friendly and Dermatologically tested Average disinfectants may cause allergic reactions and also cause hands to be sore or dry after frequent use. However, Clinell wipes are proven not to have these unwanted effects. Perfect for any types of Surfaces or equipment Metal surfaces may corrode over time with constant use of detergent. However, with nearly a neutral pH, Clinell Universal Wipes are ideal for any types of surfaces like rubber, plastic or metal.


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