Clinell Barrier Cloths Pack 8

A complete all-in-one continence care solution to cleanse, moisturise and protect, in one easy wipe.

Pack of 8 Wipes



Clinell Barrier Cloths Provide A Unique All-In-One Action Of Cleansing, Moisturising, Refreshing, Barrier Protection, and Soothing.

The Wipes Are Quick and Easy To Use, Effectively Replacing Traditional Methods Associated With Continence Care Such As; Preparing Bowls Of Soap and Water, Dry Wipes, Cleansing Foams and Barrier Creams.

Dermatologically Tested, Clinell Barrier Cloths Are Paraben and Lanolin Free, Containing A Patented Ph Neutral Formula With Natural Plant Extracts Of Witch Hazel and Camomile Which Is Designed To Be Gentle On Skin.

The Wipes Are Made From Thick High-Quality Spun Laced Non-Woven and Are Available As Individual Patient Packs So As To Reduce The Risk Of Cross Contamination.