BIP Latex Foley Catheter

Infection Prevention Foley Catheter

10 pcs per box



The Bactiguard Infection Protection Foley Catheter (BIP Foley Catheter), is an indwelling urinary catheter with Bactiguard coating which is proven to significantly reduce bacteriuria, symptomatic urinary tract infections and the use of antibiotics.

The Bactiguard Infection Protection (BIP) technology is based on the application of a very thin noble metal coating, consisting of gold, palladium and silver to medical devices. The coating is firmly bound to the surface of the device and reduces the adhesion and growth of microbes.


Size (FR/Ch) : 14   Ballon vol. (l/cc): 10   Length (CM): 40

Size (FR/Ch) : 16   Ballon vol. (l/cc): 10   Length (CM): 40


  • Saves Lives
  • Reduces Urinary Tract Infections
  • Reduces the use of Antibiotics
  • Reduces Healthcare Costs