BioDerm CathGrip

Catheter & Tube Securement Made Easy




CathGrip is the only truly universal catheter securement system. The device is made from our proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and moves like a second skin with wear time of up to 7 days! Our skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation unlike other acrylic based securement devices. Other products that may claim to be hydrocolloid are actually only partially hydrocolloid while CathGrip is 100% hydrocolloid and therefore a much gentler application.

With soft no-slip grips that secure tubes from 3-47 Fr and three sizing options for the hydrocolloid base, CathGrip can meet all your securement needs making it the new standard of care sought after by physicians, nurses and purchasing teams.